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Awaken / Natal

Our plan was to have an in-person Awaken Event in Natal, Brazil in August 2021. The COVID situation in Brazil has been unstable and the people have been suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Churches are still unable to open, marriages are suffering, and sickness and death have touched their congregations.

With no information as to when in-person events will be back and the need of the people only getting greater, God has led our team to do a Virtual Awaken Natal event on August, 28, 2021! We are praying that this event will not only encourage the church, but will also save the lost in Natal and throughout Brazil. We have artists confirmed to stream this gospel message to their combined 10 million subscribers. This event will lead the way for our in-person Awaken Natal event that we are praying for in 2022.

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15,000+ attendees, 2,000+ decisions for Christ


18,000+ attendees, 5,000+ decisions for Christ